Overcoming siloes

Investment management arm of a large life assurance company successfully replaces its siloed front, middle and back offices with one global platform.

The challenge

  • A leading life assurance company required a new operational model and set of system infrastructures to deliver one global operating platform – creating a more holistic view of its portfolios
  • The firm was working with disparate systems, which had been integrated over the years – it had no standard architecture

The solution

  • The first step was to assess the current architecture. A future state architecture was then designed based on the findings, which integrated all the financial business lines
  • A road map was plotted from the current to future state architecture, creating a phased project, which could deliver the end state picture

The results

  • The devised two year programme delivered a set of technology and operational support to create one holistic global platform
  • The programme was completed on time and on budget, with the support of 130 members of staff.