International custody data platform

International Division of a major US Investment Bank develops and deploys a custody management & reporting system to record & report on proprietary and client positions in fixed income products across all custodians.

The challenge

22 clearing houses and custodians serviced the settlement and custodian function throughout Europe, Asia Pac and Latin America for the firm. An aggregate view of trade date, value date and settled positions was needed to manage settlement risk and provide a single view by product and client.

The solution

Rationalisation of custodians reduced service providers to 8 across all regions.

A data warehouse was designed to provide a 3 dimensional (Custodian, Product & Client) view.

Trading and settlement platforms were integrated to supply the warehouse with the impact of all transaction activity.

The results

The firm had a single source of custody data to perform holistic client reporting, reconcile custody positions, manage bond borrowing and lending activity, perform valuations and manage settlement risk.