• Practitioner-oriented approach

    Leveraging FinTech, RegTech and InsurTech products and platform experience

  • Industry thought leadership

    Well known in the industry, our people have published, presented and won awards.

  • Strong domain knowledge

    Backed by broad enterprise awareness

  • Partner ecosystem

    Working arrangements with RedTeam Thinking, DAD  and E-Synergy

Deliver faster and be responsive

Do more with the same.

The capability to deliver high value products and features better, faster and happier. In order to deliver great customer experiences to the most valuable markets, organisations must be capable of fast organisational learning supported by less painful delivery.

Effective delivery depends on lean execution, immediate response to feedback and minimising waste, wait and defects.

Product Innovation

Experiment and learn faster.

The capability to innovate services, products, and find new business models.

We are in an era of declining return on assets and accelerating corporate turnover. Organisations that continuously test and innovate products, services, and business models to drive disruption will seize market share and produce higher shareholder returns more consistently and for longer.

More than ever, the ability to rapidly measure, adapt, and optimize these variables will drives businesses’ success.

Organisational adaptability and culture

Working in the digital age.

The capability to adapt the organisation and culture including leadership alignment, policies, structure and key measures.

To become innovators and disruptors, companies must innovate their organizational and leadership approaches, reduce bureaucracy, and evolve leadership styles and cultures. Learning organizations apply ‘Red Team Thinking’ to identify the riskiest assumptions in their strategies and approach and they validate early and frequently.

Leadership effectiveness

Leaders applying Red Team Thinking.

Leadership agility is the ability to take “reflective action” – to step back from one’s current focus, gain a broader, deeper perspective, and then refocus and take action that is informed from this wider perspective. As Leaders become more agile, their capacity for stepping back deepens and broadens, and the frequency with which they move through cycles of reflection and action increases.

Red Team Thinking gives Leaders and organizations the tools they need to create winning strategies and make better decisions in today’s complex and rapidly changing VUCA world.

Three in one box technique

Utilising Domain expertise, Business agility and Product engineering coaching, we guide and influence teams on the ground, creating internal champions so your business becomes self-sufficient.

We help business leadership embrace new ways of working by developing an operating model that promotes a continuous improvement mindset relevant to your context.

Context matters

We have a proven approach using ‘Red Team Thinking’ techniques to understand your context.

We illustrate the art of the possible, highlight challenges, and identify priority target areas using three key capabilities

  1. Red Team Thinking to understand the purpose, problems and outcomes of a strategy.
  2. Assessment of current business agility using our Agility Reflection Canvas (ARC) ™ . ARC is created in collaboration with Business Leaders, Practitioners and Industry Thought Leaders.
  3. Engineering Excellence via  IT performance benchmarking techniques with economic dimensions of software development and system thinking.

How we can help you

Ways of Working and Business Agility

Key value proposition

  • Leadership coaching – Red Team Thinking
  • Business alignment and strategic engagement
  • Subject matter and intellectual alignment with other transformation initiatives
  • Target operating model and its variations specific to value streams


  • Optimal ROI from transformation
  • Focused investment in targeted areas – ability to pivot
  • Achieve business outcomes faster

Product Engineering Coaching

Key value proposition

  • DevOps architecture blueprinting, addressing people, process & tooling dimensions
  • Tools evaluation and selection
  • DevOps maturity assessments
  • Creation of internal champions – demonstrate engineering practices and coach teams
  • Team composition patterns
  • Governance – indicators and metrics


  • Goal-oriented DevOps implementation roadmap
  • Improved time-to-market and better production stability

Enterprise agile consulting

Key value proposition

  • Enterprise IT team modelling
  • Agile portfolio design
  • Strategic and tactical scaling strategies
  • Value stream analysis
  • Enterprise agile strategy – people, process and tools
  • Business architecture alignment


  • Eliminate waste and improve cycle time
  • Reduce cost of delay
  • ‘Being agile’ rather than ‘Doing agile’

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