Global fund data warehouse

Leading investment fund manager successfully deploys a data warehouse to aggregate global assets for single view of risk and improved client reporting.

The challenge

With an IT infrastructure which had been built up over 25 years, the firm had several platforms in siloes to business/product lines and specific to distribution channels. With 9 separate environments maintaining product and asset data, operational overhead in managing and aggregating data gave rise to significant operational overhead and latency in creating an aggregated global view.

The solution

First, the current architecture was assessed to identify duplication, end of life technologies and operational inefficiencies. Then a future state architecture was designed based on the findings and a road map developed to deliver the future state solution, remove obsolescence and provide scalability.

One global fund data repository was developed utilising Eagle Pace as the core data architecture to transcend all business and geographic silos. Once the data warehouse was set up, the correct data governance and management policies were implemented to ensure that data flows properly without duplication.

The results

The implementation of a single data repository was completed on time and on budget, while achieving all set business objectives. The firm adopted a more strategic approach to data management, which resulted in improved workflows and ultimately, more accurate data.