Strong relationships with a range of partners

Holley Holland works with a number of partners to bring a unique combination of business and delivery expertise, coupled with technology product offerings. This provides a powerful capability to help design and deliver on a comprehensive range of services that help our customers achieve their data and analytic visions and strategies.

We love working with our partners to help clients realise their short and longterm goals, overcoming challenges, and delivering lasting and sustainable solutions to achieve desired business outcomes.

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Cloud Control AppZ enables and makes existing Infrastructure and Operations teams relevant and agile while empowering Application development teams to get the maximum value out of their DevOps practices and CI/CD pipeline investments.

AppZ  enables central IT Infrastructure and Operational teams to accelerate flow and time to market whilst keeping costs lower per change, improving resiliency and strengthening security leveraging the intelligent use of Kubernetes.

Cloud Control’s AppZ brings InfraAgility capabilities to Enterprises. This allows them to be innovative and agile while providing the necessary unobtrusive controls for both legacy and resilient applications running on Kubernetes. This is regardless of the size and complexity of the organisation.

The team at Cloud Control has successfully transformed more than 1000 legacy applications via AppZ. This is inclusive of a real-time application centric control single-pane-of-glass view to eliminate privileged access.

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Exafluence is a next generation, Global Technology Solutions company with 20+ years of experience focusing on solving complex business problems leveraging Big Data, Cloud Computing, Blockchain, Industrial IoT and Advanced Analytics – Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence – to enable clients digital transformation imperatives through innovation, agility and customer centricity. Exafluence use technology to deliver the next generation of Data Engineering, Master Data Management & Data Management capabilities.

These capabilities are embedded in our solutions for Financial Services, Healthcare and Manufacturing.

We use Microservices architecture and custom-built platforms and accelerators that expedite solution development using our jumpstart API’s, Registries, Industry standard data models and KPI repositories for Financial Services, Healthcare, Life Sciences, Insurance and Manufacturing verticals.

Our team of Client Advisors, Subject Matter Experts, Data Scientists, Analysts, Engineers and Developers, coupled with our ecosystem of partners, brings cross-industry and multi-client perspective across both matured and developing markets with round the clock execution capabilities.

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fraXses delivers in a single end-to-end data fabric, completely driven by metadata for the next generation of business solutions, data management and analytics.

fraXses allows an organisation to create federated views across disparate data sources – which could be in different technologies and spread across different physical sites – to provide a single data set.

The solution is delivered via a No-code platform with a configuration approach in a micro-services architecture.

The fraXses data fabric provides an absolute single point of truth for your data analytics, data scientists and developers.

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Maximise IT

SmartFlow enables genuine digital transformation through end-to-end intelligent automation.

SmartFlow is an end-to-end process automation tool with advanced automated decision management. It can be used to:

    • ​Reduce operating costs
    • Easily manage fluctuating volumes of work
    • Improve customer service
    • Move beyond the limitations of any existing RPA “bots”
    • Assure FCA compliance

SmartFlow is a low code solution that can be quickly deployed, working with your existing systems to automate complex processes.

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Solidatus is intuitively designed to help an organisation to rapidly build a complete front to back data flow through collaborative knowledge sharing within one centrally managed solution and map out the entire data landscape.

Solidatus is designed to make Data Lineage faster by enabling organisations to quickly and easily gather data and visualise the end-to-end flow – whether that be low-level attribute data lineage, high-level systems lineage, process or any other business entity.

Solidatus Data Catalogue capability provides organisational access to a common nexus of information, including physical assets, record sets, glossariesdictionariesand other taxonomies.

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Sotero ensures that data remains encrypted at all stages in its life cycle, when at rest or even while being searched, analysed, moved, processed or shared. More importantly, it does so without degrading performance, requiring complicated integrations or creating new security vulnerabilities.

  • With the Protect module, any data or information stays encrypted when in use
  • Detect module uses machine learning to identify suspicious access attempts in real-time.
  • Any suspicious access request can be instantly quarantined or stopped using Prevent module
  • Regulatory requirements are met for data security like HIPPA, GDPR CCPA, PCI and many more
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World Programming

World Programming is a UK-based private limited company that first started business in 2000 and are the creators of the WPS Analytics software platform. Best known for its SAS language compiler, WPS software is used by business analysts, data scientists and data engineers for heavyweight data processing, predictive modelling and advanced analytics using drag-and-drop workflows or coding with the languages of SAS, SQL, Python and R.

It also provides an enterprise analytics solution for Governance and Deployment.

World Programming and WPS Analytics software together have established a worldwide following. With a growing user base for WPS, the company continues to enjoy a reputation for providing exceptional service and support to customers worldwide. Use of the internet and associated technologies has shaped the way the Company does business in developing, supplying and supporting software.

Many organisations turn to WPS software to enable them to rationalise and modernise their analytic estate. WPS is used in production on a huge range of systems at sites around the world. Thousands of analysts use the software in their daily data processing and analysis tasks, and thousands more rely on the heavy-lifting ability of WPS in overnight and scheduled processing to deliver the information they require. Customers are able to choose to run WPS software on premise or in private and public cloud environments.

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Xignite is the leader in market data cloud solutions, delivering in 2008 the industry’s first financial Data-as-a-Service (DaaS) solution to deliver market data from the AWS public cloud.

Xignite’s award winning Market Data Cloud is a single platform that unifies financial data consumption and market data management — all delivered as a service in the cloud. It gives you a scalable way to manage, control and optimize your real-time and reference data across traditional systems and cloud applications.

Named one of the “10 Coolest Brands in Banking” Xignite is trusted by over 800 global organizations, and handles an astonishing 9 billion API calls each day.